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Fresnel Lens Optics Silicone Rubber

Model No.:

Product Description
This platinum catalyzed two-component high transparent liquid silicone rubber is composed of basic compound, cross-linking agent, catalyst and additives. Our optics silicone rubber features high transmittance, good weather resistance, anti-yellowing property, etc. Since it is free of any heavy metals and aromatic solvents, no volatile substance is given off during vulcanization. This optics silicone rubber is guaranteed to be harmless to the human body and is environmentally friendly. This product is used for solar panel sealing.

The optics silicone rubber for solar panel is packed in 20kg barrels.

Typical Property
Physical properties Test method Unit SCR2513A/B
Mixing ratio A:B=1:1
Light transmittance % ≥92
A/B mixing viscosity DIN 53019 mPa.s 3900 ~ 4500
SHORE hardness D2204 A 45~50
Tensile strength ( Mpa ) D412 MPa ≥7
Elongation at Break D412 % ≥120
Linear shrinkage JISK 6301 % ≤1.5
Tear strength D624B KN/m ≥8
Tension set D412 DIE C % ≤0.5
Resilience % ≥70
Refractive index (25°C) 1.41

1. The product should avoid contact with any organic matter, ionic compound, ethylene compound and alkyne compound, such as N, P, S, Sn, Pb, Hg, Bi, As, PVC, etc. These chemicals can poison the platinum catalyst and break down vulcanization.
2. The mixture of AB components should be used up within 12 hours. Higher temperature will cause its effective operating time to decrease.
3. The above technical properties are for reference only. For detailed molding conditions, please contact us directly.

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