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Automobile Silicone Rubber

Welcome to SQUARE Silicone Materials Company! Our company has been accredited in terms of ISO9001. With advanced manufacturing technology and production equipment, we can provide not only silicone for automobiles, but also a wide range of other highly transparent Silicone rubber and Viscoelastic Silicone Rubber, etc. Our products are used in such fields as electronic products, electric power, medical instruments, baby products, kitchenware, automobiles, textiles, mechanical engineering and other consumer products.

    1. Coating Silicone for Automobile Airbag

      The formed membrane features high temperature resistance, excellent fire resistance and damp resistance, good insulating property and sealing ability. The insulating products coated with this silicone can remain its insulating property after being bended. This coating silicone is used for coating the surface of automobile airbags.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Ignition Automobile Wire and Spark Plug

      Approved by UL 94 test, this platinum catalyzed bi-component liquid silicone rubber has reached the class level of V0 and V1. Containing PMPS, it can operate normally with extreme high temperature conditions, i.e. over 200℃. Featured with high temperature resistance, this liquid silicone rubber is used to make ignition wires and spark plugs for automobiles.

    1. UL-94-V0 Flame Retardant LSR

      This two-component platinum catalyzed liquid silicone rubber is manufactured in strict compliance with UL-94-V0 standard. Since it is highly flame retardant and features good thermal resistance, this LSR is used to make ignition coils, high voltage caps, etc.

    1. Silicone Sealing Strip for Automobile Engine and Door

      This silicone sealing strip is a modified silicone EPDM. It features high temperature resistance and good weatherproof property, as well as the superior mechanical properties inherited from EPDM. This silicone material is used to make sealing strips for automobile engines and doors.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Automotive Interior Plastic Products

      The silicone modified additive is a granular substance which has an ultra high molecular weight, i.e. 50% siloxane content. It is designed to serve as the additive in most polyamide compatible systems to alter the plastic surface properties. Our silicone modified additive features good weather resistance, high releasibility and low energy consumption.