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Sporting Goods Silicone Rubber

Enhance your sporting goods with SQUARE® brand silicone rubber to provide unique feel and excellent performance of silicone. Our silicone elastomers are specially designed to offer extraordinary smoothness and comfort that make them ideal for making diving masks or goggles. You can depend on our two-component, platinum cure silicone rubber to reduce handling, improve throughput and achieve operational cost savings.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Goggles

      This silicone rubber for goggles is manufactured in strict compliance with USA FDA CFR21.Part.177.2600, EN143350-2 standards and is RoHS certified. Please note that the safe operating time for AB components mixture is five days under 20℃. Increasing the temperature will cause the safe operating time to decrease.

    1. Ultra Clear Silicone Rubber for Goggles

      The two-component silicone complies with the standards of USA FDA CFR 21.Part.177.2600, EN14350 for volatile compound and RoHS. After mixed in the prescribed amounts, the two components can be safely operated for 5 days under sealing condition and at 20℃. The rise of temperature will shorten the time.