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Food Grade Silicone Rubber

SQUARE Silicon Materials is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of food grade silicone. Through many years of effort, we are able to produce various liquid and solid silicone rubbers according to different customers' demands. High quality raw materials, highly trained technicians, scientific design and workflow can guarantee best quality. Our products are used in such fields as electronic products, electric power, medical instruments, baby products, kitchenware, automobiles, textiles, mechanical engineering, other consumer products, etc.

    1. LSR for Baking Mat

      Mixing ratio of its two components is 100:2 (B:A). After curing, the food grade silicone rubber comes with excellent insulating performance, heat resistance and elasticity. It is widely applied in the products for insulating, heat resisting, damp and water proof purposes.

    1. LSR for Household

      This series liquid silicone material complies with USA FDA CFR 21.Part.177.2600 and EN14350-2 standards. At room temperature, the food grade silicone can be operated safely for 5 days as it is sealed after A and B components have been mixed. The time will be shortened when the temperature rises.

    1. LSR for Cake Mould

      This LSR features superior elastic resilience, good thermal aging resistance and anti-yellowing property. It is stable and resistant to extreme temperatures from -60℃ to 250℃, while still maintaining its useful properties. This LSR is used for making cake molds.