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Addition-Curing Silicone Rubber for Electronics Industry


Product Description
The electronic encapsulation silicone gel is a two-component, platinum catalyzed, molding liquid silicone rubber in which the two components are used with a ratio of 1:1. It supports room temperature or low temperature vulcanization. Our electronic encapsulation silicone gel features high transmittance and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This product is used in PCB encapsulation.

Our electronic encapsulation silicone gel is packed in 500g bottles or 20kg barrels.

Typical Properties of the Silicone Rubber
Physical properties Test method Unit LSR8636-60A/B
Hardness D2240 A 75
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s 4000 ~ 4800
Tensile strength D412 MPa > 1.5
Elongation at Break D412 % > 40
Tear strength D624B KN/m > 3.5
Thermal conductivity w/ m.k 0.9
Specific gravity D792 1.89

The above technical properties are for reference only. For detailed molding conditions, please contact us directly.

As a professional electronic encapsulation silicone gel for PCB manufacturer and supplier based in China, SQUARE Silicone Materials is able to offer you silicone material of different specifications. High quality raw materials, highly trained technicians, scientific design and workflow guarantee you the best quality.

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