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Foam Liquid Silicone for Laser Printer

Basic Model:
LIM6934-20A/B, LIM6934-30A/B, LIM6934-40A/B

Product Description
Here you will find an excellent two-component, platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber suitable for injection molding process. The injection silicone can be injected molded to the elastic coating of a pressure roller in office printer and copier. It can be insulating or conductive. Two components (A and B) of the silicone rubber can be mixed by a proper ratio and after mixing, the mixture under a sealing condition can be used for 5 days at 20℃. The time will reduce when temperature rises.

Key Features
The silicone elastomer delivers high elastic resilience, low volatility, high thermal stability and low compression set.

Main Application
Surface elastic material for the insulating or conductive pressure roller of laser printer and copying machine

20kg/pail or 200kg/pail

Typical Properties
Properties Test method Unit LIM6934-20A/B LIM6934-30A/B LIM6934-40A/B
Appearance Visual Red Red Red
Hardness DIN53505 Asker C 18~22 28~32 38~42
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s (9~11) x104 (9~11) x104 (9~11) x104
Tensile strength D412 MPa ≥0.3 ≥0.5 ≥0.7
Tear strength D624B KN/m ≥1 ≥1 ≥1
Elongation at break D412 % ≥200 ≥200 ≥200
Rebound % ≥40 ≥50 ≥70

1) Store the liquid silicone rubber in an indoor dry and ventilated place at a room temperature, and keep it away from direct sun. Storage time is 12 months.
2) Parameters in the table are only used for reference. For detailed molding conditions, please contact us directly.

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