Solid Silicone Rubber for PCR and DR Roller

Basic Model:
SSR6969-60B (DR), SSR6970-60(PCR)

Product Description
In addition to liquid silicone rubber, we also supply solid silicone rubber for the applications on PCR and DR rollers in office facilities such as laser printers, copying machines and others. The solid silicone material is applicable to extrusion or molding process.

Used as a surface elastic material for power charge roller and developer roller, the solid silicone rubber is proud to offer high elastic resilience, low volatility, high temperature resistance and low compression set.

20kg/pail or 200kg/pail

Typical Properties of the Solid Silicone Rubber
Physical properties Test method Unit SSR6969-60B (DR) SSR6970-60B (PCR)
Appearance (Color) Black Black
Hardness D2204 A 56 ~ 58 58 ~ 63
Tensile strength D412 MPa > 4.0 > 4.0
Elongation at Break D412 % > 200 > 200
Tear strength D624B KN/m > 10 > 10
Linear shrinkage JISK 6301 % < 1.6 < 1.6
Elastic resilience % > 55 > 55
Volume resistivity IEC60093 Ω.cm 1*104 ~ 1*105 1*105 ~ 1*106
Curing method High temperature curing with addition of CL-1000
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