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Antistatic Liquid Silicone Rubber

Basic Model:

Product Description
The antistatic liquid silicone rubber is supplied as a two-part, platinum catalyzed silicone material made using injection molding process. Two parts are mixed by a ratio of 1:1. The medical grade material is available to comply with ISO10993, GB/T 16886.10-2000 and GB/T16886.5-2003 standards as well as USP Class VI, US FDA CFR21.Part.177.2600, EN1616 and ROHS standards

Extraordinary anti-static performance;
Superior transparency;
Excellent tensile strength and tear resistance;
Good elastic resilience;
Great heat stability and weather resistance (Working temperature range:-60℃~250℃);
High resistance to yellowing and heat aging;

Main Applications
The antistatic liquid silicone rubber is ideal for use in operating rooms where it is made into shoes to remove static produced by floor, moving stretcher and wheels of other medical equipment.

Generally, the medical grade antistatic rubber is packed by 20kg/pail or 200kg/pail.

Typical Properties
Physical properties Test method Unit LIM2012-70AF/BF
Appearance (Color) Transparent
Specific gravity D792 1.14
SHORE Hardness D2204 A 70±2
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s ( 250 ~ 350 ) x 104
Tensile strength D412 MPa > 8.5
Elongation at Break D412 % > 350
Tear strength D624B KN/m > 35
Linear shrinkage JISK 6301 % < 2.4
Compression set DIN53 517 % < 22

1) Store the liquid silicone rubber in an indoor dry and ventilated place at a room temperature, and keep it away from direct sun. Storage time is 12 months.
2) Parameters in the table are only used for reference. For detailed molding conditions, please refer to actual product specifications or contact us directly.

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