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Pressure Sensitive Silicone gel for Medical Electrode Pad

Model No.

Product Description
LSG2020-60A/B is 2-part liquid silicone rubber,catalyzed by platinum, mixing ratio of parts A:B=1:1, it will be silicone gel with self-adhesive property after curing.

Key Features
With pressure-sensitive property, be able to keep viscosity for long time, and be used for repeatedly.

To making medical device electrode pad

The product is available in 500g bottles.

Typical Properties
Product name Appearance Specific Gravity Viscosity Cone Penetration Viscous force Viscous time 180° Peel strength
LSG2020-60A/B transparent 1.02 50-200mPa.s 60 ≥5 N/2.5mm ≥1000hrs ≥5 N/2.5mm

The product should be closed tightly, protected from light and moisture, the shelf life is 12 months.
These figures are for reference only, Please contact us for detail.

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