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Baby Care Silicone Rubber

SQUARE Silicone Materials Company has been engaged in the research and manufacture of silicone materials since 2002. Years of experience have earned us the ability to manufacture high quality silicone rubber for general purpose, including flame retardant LSR, low volatility LSR, high temperature resistant silicone rubber, and more. Our company has been accredited in terms of ISO9001 and our silicone products are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil, and Thailand, among others.

    1. Liquid Silicone Rubber for Baby Nipples

      The liquid silicone rubber is ideal for making baby feeding products such as baby nipples, feeding bottles, caps of feeding bottle, baby tableware, seal rings of breast pump, baby toys, etc.

    1. Solid Silicone Rubber for Baby Nipples

      It is stable and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -60℃ to 250℃, while still maintaining its useful properties. Due to its superior properties, this solid silicone rubber is ideal to produce baby nipples, diving glasses, etc.