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Silicone Oil and Silicone Resin

At SQUARE, as a prominent manufacturer of silicone materials, we are able to offer global customers silicone oils and resins of various specifications. All of these silicone fluids are provided with reliable quality and at competitive prices.

    1. Vinyl Silicone Oil

      With different viscosity, this series of silicone oil is used as diluter for adjusting viscosity and hardness of general silicone rubbers. It is a transparent, non-toxic, odorless liquid and contains an active group that can perform cross-linking reaction.

    1. Hydroxyl Functional Silicone Oil

      The SF series hydroxyl functional silicone oil provides a variety of options for viscosity. Viscosity ranges from 700 to (18~22) x104 mPa.s.

    1. Hydroxyl Terminated Vinyl Silicone Oil

      The YSF series hydroxyl terminated vinyl silicone oils from SQUARE comes with different viscosity and vinyl content options. It is a transparent, colorless and odorless liquid with active group that can be cross-linked. The silicone fluid is mainly used in industrial self-adhesive tape and pressure sensitive tape.

    1. Hydrogen Silicone Oil

      These models of hydrogen silicon oil supplied by SQUARE are transparent, colorless and odorless silicone fluids that come with different hydrogen contents and with active group that can be cross-linked. They are mainly used for cross-linking agent.