Silicone Resin

    1. Vinyl MQ Silicone Resin

      Feature:With reactive polysiloxane of special structure
      Applications: The liquid silicone resin is mainly used as reinforcing filler, or tackifier for pressure sensitive adhesive
      Packaging: 20kg/pail, 200kg/pail

    1. Hydrogen Silicone Resin

      The SCR1769-01C hydrogen silicone resin is a MQ silicone resin containing vinyl. It features specially constructed reactive polysiloxane. The hydrogen resin is ideal for use as reinforcing filler, tackifier of pressure sensitive adhesive, etc.

    1. Phenyl Silicone Resin (for LED)

      The PVMQ10 phenyl silicone resin used for LED products contains vinyl. It comes with high refractive index and excellent transparency.