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Coating Silicone Rubber

SQUARE is exactly the final place for you where you can find the right silicone rubber for coating materials. We supply one-component and two-component platinum catalyzed silicone rubber for your needs. And our silicone solutions come with the complete advantages that you desire. Contact us to know details about our offerings.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Printing or Coating on Textile (Skid-Proof Purpose)

      SQUARE® LSR6030 is low viscosity and 2-part liquid silicone rubber, catalyzed by platinum. The mixing ratio of A and B parts is 1:1. The silicone materials is suitable for printing or coating on textile as well as on the surface of polyurethane or polyester for the purpose of skid prevention, decoration and flaw covering.

    1. One-Part Silicone Rubber

      Its viscosity can be changed by adding a specific solvent. We can modify the color of our silicone rubber for printing ink by using different pigments to meet customer specific color requirements. This silicone rubber can also be used to produce general silicone products through the pour molding process.

    1. RTV-LSR

      The mixing ratio for the two components should be 1:1. Our RTV-LSR features high transparency, strong adhesion with general silicone rubber, low viscosity, etc. It supports curing under room temperature. This RTV-LSR is used as the dispenser for silicone rubber surface as well as a bond between separate silicone units.

    1. Liquid Silicone Rubber (for Coating)

      This is a high viscosity, high strength liquid silicone rubber for coating applications. It contains no cross-linking agent, platinum catalyst and retarder. The coating material can be made to inks of various colors by adding color mastermatch into it and grinding uniformly, and then adding corresponding cross-linking agent, platinum catalyst and retarder.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Logo Sheet

      Since it does not contain any heavy metal substance and aromatic hydrocarbons dissolvent, our silicone rubber for logo sheet is harmless to the human body and regarded as an environmentally friendly product. Due to its superior elastic resilience and good adhesion to fabric, it is used for making logo sheets.