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PT601A/B (Two-component), PT603 (One component), PT604 (One component)

Here at SQUARE, we offer a selection of two-component and one component tackifiers. The bonding or adhesive agent is used to enhance the adhesive strength between silicone rubber and material surface on which it is coated.

1. Two-Component Tackifier

First: Evenly mixing the A/B components by 1:1
Second: Coating on the processed substrates by spaying, dip coating and brushing methods
Third: Baking for 10-20 minutes at 100-130℃ (after baking, material surface is not sticky)
Fourth: Cooling and injecting liquid silicone rubber

2. One Component Tackifier
Adding by a prescribed ratio

Typical Properties
Properties Test method Unit PT601A/B (Two-component) PT603 (One component) PT604 (One component)
Appearance Colorless and transparent Colorless and transparent Yellow and transparent
Substrates Glass, ceramic type Epoxy type Metal type
Mixing ratio 1:1
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s 100±15 100±15 500±25
Solid content 25% 20% 20%

1. It is necessary to clean the spray nozzles if you use spray coating method, or the tackifier left in the nozzle will block it after curing.
2. After curing, the surface of substrate should be a layer of uniform thin film which is not sticky as you touch it with our hand. If you can easily scrape the film using your hand, the adhesive is not completely cured. For this case, you can properly extend baking time.
3. It can not contact organic matters such as N, P, S, etc., ionic compounds including Sn,Pb, Hg, Bi, As, among others, and alkyne and high vinyl compounds which may poison the platinum curing agent and thereby delay curing or disenable curing.
4. Some organic pigments can also slow down curing or make curing unable to carry out.

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