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Liquid Silicone Rubber for Addition Cure Molding

Basic Models:
LSR1966-34A/B, LSR1966-39AE/BE

Product Description:
SQUARE® LSR1966-34A/B and LSR1966-39AE/BE are 2-part addition-type liquid silicone rubber catalyzed by platinum. Mixing ratio of two parts is A:B=10:1. With medium viscosity, the 2-part LSR is suitable for pour molding processes.

Product Features:
1. Good elasticity, ease of demolding
2. Great thermal stability and freezing resistance (Usage temperature: -50℃~230℃)
3. Stable shrinkage rate
4. Catalyzed by platinum, non-toxic and free from odor
5. Excellent physical property, high rollover frequency

Main Applications:
The liquid silicone rubber is ideal for molding of thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin, as well as for molding products for art works and ornaments.

Available in 2kg/pot or 20kg/pail

Typical Properties
Properties Test method Unit LSR1966-34A/B LSR1966-39AE/BE
Appearance Transparent
Mixing ratio(A:B) 10:1 10:1
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s A:(4.6~5.1)×104
Shore A hardness D2204 A 34~36 39~42
Tear strength D624B MPa ≥5.0 ≥5.0
Tensile strength D412 KN/m ≥10 ≥14
Elongation at break D412 % ≥380 ≥380
Tensile set D412 DIE C % ≤2.5 ≤2.5
Linear shrinkage JISK 6301 % ≤2.0 ≤2.2
Resilience % ≥71 ≥75
TC90(100 ℃ *2mins) sec 66-71 83-87

The liquid silicone rubber should be stored with tight sealing and protected from light and moisture. The shelf life is 12 months.
These parameters are for reference only, please contact us for details.

SQUARE Silicone Materials is an experienced molding silicone manufacturer and supplier. Our major products include silicone for automobile and silicone rubber for roller surface materials, and more. All of our products feature good durability and stable performance, and are welcomed by our customers in the UK, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, to just name a few.

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