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Health Care and Protection Silicone

Silicone rubber is commonly founded in the applications where it is used to make various products for body care and protection purposes. Here at SQUARE Silicone, we supply a nice selection of silicone gel, liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone rubber to meet your specific needs for those products such as breast prosthesis, nose bracket, earplug, etc.

    1. Silicone Gel for Breast Prosthesis

      Due to the jellylike appearance of its cured form, it is commonly referred to as jelly gel. Our silicone gel features high transparency, zero hardness, is non-toxic, odorless and easy to cure. It can operate under extreme temperatures from -50℃ to 200℃ while still maintaining all useful properties.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Shock Absorption Purpose

      It can operate normally under extreme temperature conditions from -50℃ to 200℃ , while still maintaining its useful properties. Due to its low stickiness and low shore A hardness, this silicone rubber can provide a good vibration reducing effect.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Nose Bracket

      This high transparent platinum catalyzed two-component liquid silicone rubber is designed and manufactured for making the nose bracket part of general glasses. It features low viscosity, high transmittance, medium strength and is relatively soft. The two components should be mixed with a ratio of 1:1.

    1. Silicone Rubber Suitable for Pour Molding Process

      It is suitable for pour molding process and the mixing ratio of the two components should be 1:1. This silicone rubber can be cured under both low and high temperatures, in which fast curing is achieved under high temperature condition. It is mainly used for making adult toys.

    1. Low Viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubber (for Injection Molding)

      This is a low viscosity liquid silicone rubber made from a two-component system and cured by platinum. Not containing heavy metal and aromatic, the viscoelastic material is non-hazardous to human body. With two components mixed by a ratio of 1:1, the low viscosity LSR is suitable for injection molding.