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Silicone Rubber for Electric Power

SQUARE SILICONE is professional liquid silicone materials manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We keep implementing new technologies and producing new products. As a result, we are able to offer you new silicone materials including LSR for insulator and conductive LSR, and more products. If you do not find your desired products with us, please tell us. Our design team and customer services specialists will offer you top class solutions for you specific demands.

    1. Low Viscosity Liquid Silicone

      LIM1520/LIM1550 is a two-component, platinum curable, low viscosity, liquid insulated silicone rubber for injection molding processes. Our liquid silicone rubber features safe operation, high dielectric strength, good tracking resistance, superior surface hydrophobic property, and more.

    1. Silicone Rubber for Silicone Plugs

      LIM1520-50A/B is a two-part liquid insulated silicone rubber for injection molding processes. This silicone rubber is particular developed for the manufacturing of silicone plugs. All LSR are platinum cured materials which are mixed in a 1:1 ratio by weight.

    1. Silicone Grease for Cold Shrink Accessories

      This silicone grease designed for cold shrink accessories is an insulated liquid silicone material. Made by combining silicone oil with electrical insulation filler and thickener, it can keep its state of viscous paste for a long time at the temperature of -50℃-+230℃.