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Silicone Grease for Cold Shrink Accessories

Basic Model:

Product Description
This silicone grease designed for cold shrink accessories is an insulated liquid silicone material. Made by combining silicone oil with electrical insulation filler and thickener, it can keep its state of viscous paste for a long time at the temperature of -50℃-+230℃.

Non toxic, with high safety
Excellent heat resistance
High resistance to oxidization
Reliable demoulding performance
Perfect electrical insulation performance

Main Applications
The silicone grease is widely used on high voltage cable accessories and electrical insulators for the purposes of insulating, sealing, lubricating and resisting creepage and moisture. Additionally, the dielectric grease is applied to high voltage generator, to high voltage cable connector, storage battery connector and insulation piercing connector for insulating, sealing, and moisture and corrosion resisting purposes, and to the junction surfaces of metal/plastics and metal/rubbers as silicone lubricant.

1kg/pot or 20kg/pail

Typical Properties of the Silicone Grease
Physical properties Test method Unit FSL2015-01
Appearance (Color) Visual test White semi-transparent viscous paste
Cone penetration (25 ℃ , 0.1mm) ASTM,D217 290 ~ 310
Oil separation rate ( 100 ℃ , 24h ) ASTM,D6184 Wt, % 5.5
Relative density ( 25 ℃ ) ASTM,D1480 g/cm3 1.02
Volume resistivity ASTM,D257 Ω,cm 1015
Volatile content (150 ℃ , 24h) ASTM, D2595 % 2
Voltage breakdown strength ASTM, D877 KV/mm 23 ~ 28

1. Please store the silicone grease in an indoor dried, dark and well ventilated place at room temperature. It can be stored for 12 months.
2. Above properties are only for reference use. Actual product specifications determine the specific process conditions. You can contact our engineering department to know the process.

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