Conductive Solid Silicone Rubber

Basic model:
SSR1530-50, SSR1533-50, SSR1533-60

Product Description
SQUARE® SSR1530/33 are electrically conductive solid silicone rubber for extrusion or compress molding processes.

Key Features
1. Volume resistivity: ≤100Ωmm
2. Electrically conductive
3. Outstanding thermal stability
4. High stability and flexibility at low temperatures
5. Outstanding aging a resistance

Suitable for making electrodes, cable terminals, cable connector, high voltage plugs and Joint block

SQUARE® SSR1530/33 are available in 20kgs Cartons

Typical Properties
Properties Test method Unit SSR1533-50 SSR1530-50 SSR1533-60
Appearance Black Black Black
Specific Gravity D792 1.12 1.13 1.15
Shore A hardness D2240 A 45-49 48-52 57-61
Tensile strength D412 MPa ≥7.5 ≥8.5 ≥6.5
Elongation at break D412 % ≥700 ≥650 ≥600
Tear strength D624B KN/m ≥30 ≥30 ≥35
shrinkage rate JISK 6301 % ≤2.0 ≤2.1 ≤2.2
Volume resistivity IEC60093 Ω.cm 100 100 100

1. The product should be closed tightly, protected form sunlight and moisture, the shelf life is 12 months.
2. Testing condition: curing 10 minutes at 140°C, post cure 4hrs at 200°C.
3. These figures are for reference only, Please contact us for detail

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